MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015



Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof; nil.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers and Neil Scarlett.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.


68-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we approve additions to the agenda and exceptions to the Procedural By-Law as required to accommodate same.  CARRIED




Suzanne Learn, Jim Stephenson and Tina Flower.


Annual Fall Fair


Guests attended as representatives of the South River Machar Agricultural Society Board to give notice of the annual Fall Fair.  The Fair will be held on Sep 11 and 12, 2015.  They also indicate that as per their lease agreement with the Village of South River they give notice that the Arena ice pad must be free of moisture and obstructions by Sep 10.  Free of moisture was clarified to mean ice out.  They advised that last year was a test year for leaving the ice in which didn’t work.  Exhibits had to be relocated at the last minute.  They have great concerns that they’re behind in planning for this year due to this uncertainty and inability to book vendors, exhibitors, etc.  They fear the Fall Fair cannot recover if the same issues are experienced 2 years in a row.  They are scheduled to attend the next South River Council meeting.  South River was to schedule a meeting between the Mayors and applicable parties but there has been no update.  Mayor Carleton will contact Mayor Coleman to discuss.




1.       Mar 23, 2015 minutes, Resolution


69-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we adopt Mar 23, 2015 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


2.       Pay List by Fund for Mar, Resolution


70-15  Flowers, Scarlett

THAT we approve Pay List by Fund as of 09 Apr 2015:  $97,214.50.  CARRIED




3.       South River Machar Fire


a.       Minutes of Apr 7, 2015 Resolution


71-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we support motions 24-32 as contained in Fire minutes of Apr 7, 2015:  adopt the minutes, Income Statement/Accounts Payable, research the Code Red Program for mass emergency notifications to residents, Fire Chief’s Report, choose Infrastructure Ontario Loan Program for financing the Tanker with a term of 15 years with $50,000 down payment, accept the draft by-law to Establish and Regulate the Fire Dept, close the meeting, return to open session, meet again…


b.      Establish and Regulate By-Law, Resolution


72-15  Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to By-Law No. 7-15; being a by-law to Establish and Regulate the Fire Dept.  CARRIED


c.       Finance Options for Tanker, Resolution


73-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we authorize the Village of South River Clerk Administrator to complete an application for Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program to finance the Fire Tanker for a term of 15 years with a down payment of $50,000.  CARRIED


We advised SR our preference was for a 7 year lease per options information prepared by the Fire Chief to Committee.  SR Admin has now prepared further options suggesting 15 or 20 years.  Our preference is 10 years, however our Committee reps could only get agreement for 15 years.


d.      Reply on Tanker down payment, Resolution


SR has advised they can match $25,000.


74-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we agree to contribute our $25,000 share towards a $50,000 down payment for the Fire Tanker in a lump sum payment, subject to the Village of South River`s contribution of $25,000 at the same time and satisfactory notice of payment due.  CARRIED


4.       South River Machar Arena


a.       Reply on Budget & Year End Statements


Council was advised SR did not pass the Arena 2015 budget and tabled it for their Apr 27 meeting.  SR indicate the reason is because there is currently a discussion taking place with the Agricultural Society regarding removal of the ice during the first 2 weeks of Sep and the budget was drafted around a full month of revenue from ice rentals.  SR indicate once this situation is resolved their Council will review the Arena 2015 budget.


The Arena By-Law requires the Arena Committee to submit and Councils approve the budget by Apr 1 in each year.  We passed the Arena budget at our Mar 23, 2015 Council meeting approving our contribution of $70,871 for 2015.  It was noted that our Budget process is moving forward and that this amount will be deemed final for our share.


Further to SR Audit on Mar 18, we requested Audited Statements in order to close off our 2014 year end and to complete our 2015 Budget.  We were advised the revised pre audit invoices sent Mar 4 should be the final invoices and as soon as draft statements are available they will be e-mailed, indicating last year they were sent May 2, 2014.  A review of our files reflects Audited Statements were received on Apr 3, 2014.  It was noted that we’ve identified this concern to SR previously and when authorizing an amended payment schedule for Fire and Arena in 2014 by Resolution, we included year end pre audit figures are required by mid Feb for our audit, and year end audited figures required by the end of Mar for our budget process.  SR advise they do not see their audit timeline changing.  We have proceeded to close off our 2014 year end with $15,700.16 remaining owing to SR for our share of Arena 2014 deficit.


b.      minutes of Apr 1, Resolution


75-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we support motions 19-23 as contained in Arena minutes of Apr 1, 2015; adopt the minutes, Income Statement, Arena Manager’s Report, meet again…  CARRIED


The lease agreement with the Agricultural Society was queried and should be reviewed by SR.


5.       South River Machar Culture and Rec minutes of Apr 1, Resolution

76-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we support motions 13-15 as contained in Culture and Rec minutes of Apr 1, 2015; accept the minutes, Income Statement, adjourn the meeting…  CARRIED


It was agreed Machar is interested in participating in a family fun day at Tom Thompson Park sometime in the summer run through the Culture and Rec Committee.


6.       South River Machar Library minutes of Mar 24, 2015, Resolution


a.       Annual Report 2014, Budget 2015, Resolution


77-15  Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we acknowledge Library minutes of Mar 24, 2015,

THAT we acknowledge Library Annual Report to Councils for 2014,

THAT we approve Library Budget for 2015 in the amount of $26,558.00 our share, subject to approval by the Village of South River and overall Township budgetary requirements.  CARRIED


7.       Joint Building minutes of Mar 19, 2015, Resolution


78-15  Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we acknowledge JBC minutes of Mar 19, 2015,

THAT we acknowledge JBC Budget for 2015 in the total amount of $206,573 as amended.  CARRIED


Council expressed concern regarding the departure of Magnetawan.  We are the next highest contributor.  Notice deadline for a Dec 31 withdrawal is Aug 30 and Feb 28 for Jun 30.


a.       Permit Summaries for Mar


8.       E Parry Sound Steering meeting of Mar 26 & minutes, Resolution


79-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we acknowledge Steering minutes of Mar 26, 2015.  CARRIED


Future of Committee was discussed and will probably change to meet 6 times per year.


9.       Provincial Offences Act minutes of Nov 27


10.   District of Parry Sound Mun Assoc Spring meeting in Callander on Apr 24


Mayor Carleton will attend.  Clerk Administrator to inquire with Councillor Wood.


11.   Federation of N ON Municipalities representative report


Rep extended thanks to the Clerk Administrator for our comments identifying the issue of unorganized Townships not paying their share towards Eastholme and OPP costs.


12.   Parry Sound District Emergency Medical Services Operational Review


Deadline to comment is Apr 17, 2015.




13.   The Eagle Eye Newsletter (Eagle Lake Conservation Association)


Sections on Policing Costs 2015 and Septic Systems were noted.  We’re reviewing ELCA request on Policing Costs and formulating a reply.  We have advised previously on Septic Systems indicating individual complaints should be sent to and will be investigated by the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority (link on our website).

14.   Acing the Final Exam; lessons for new councillors on embracing municipal stewardship

15.   Making the case; it’s time for a national urban agenda, Canada’s mayors need to start a fresh conversation about why it is so crucial to build great local communities that can attract, retain, and shelter young families entrepreneurs, investors, and job creators

16.   MPP Norm Miller seeks answers on refused Ornge Air Ambulance calls in the Parry Sound District and throughout N ON, irresponsible to allow the current situation

17.   Mar 2015 Labour Focus funded by Employment Ontario

18.   Recruitment for a new Chair and Members for the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council/Standards Development Committee

19.   June marks the 31st anniversary of Seniors’ Month in ON

20.   Senior Achievement Award will highlight the significant voluntary and professional achievements made after the age of 65

21.   Nominations for Lincoln M Alexander Award 2015 by May 31 to honour young Ontarians demonstrated elimination of racial discrimination

22.   This year ON celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, this landmark law has made ON a leader in accessibility, also set a clear goal by 2025

23.   ON-Farm Food Safety Workshop in Sturgeon Falls to learn about agricultural practices to improve on-farm food safety and how you can apply these practices to your operation

24.   2015 FONOM/MMAH Northeastern Municipal Conference May 6-8 in Greater Sudbury

25.   LAS Town Hall Session prior to the opening of the 2015 FONOM/MMAH Conference; Sewere and Water Line Warranty Prgm, LED Streetlight Service, Arena Lighting Retrofits, Employee Engagement, AMO Federal Gas Tax, Electricity/Natural Gas & Fuel Procurement, Investment

26.   Fed of Northern ON Municipalities; ON Gov’t announces Permanency of NIER Program; Northern Electricity Rate Program assists N ON large industrial electricity consumers

27.   AMO Policy Update; Ministry of Education releases new process for school closures

28.   AMO Policy Update; Recent Developments Regarding Housing and Homelessness Prevention

29.   AMO Report to Member Municipalities Highlights of the Mar 2015 Board Meeting; New AMO Sec-Treas, ON Climate Change Strategy, AMO’s Fiscal Sustainability Project, Implementation of the Social Assistance Mgmt System (SAMS), New Waste Diversion Legislation, Self Insured Long Term Disability, Fair and Open Tendering, MEPCO Update, LAS Update

30.   AMO Watchfile Mar 26, 2015

In this issue
- 2014 Ontario-AMO Joint Annual Memorandum of Understanding Statement.
- Recycling Paint moves to Independent Stewardship Plan June 30, 2015.
- Videos highlight importance of local infrastructure.
- Register today for AMO Meetings Series workshops.
- New Energy Finance Workshops unlock benefits to lifecycle costing.
- Sign up today for LED Streetlight Lunch and Learn.
- No need to break the bank to fix broken pipes.
- AODA 10th Anniversary Celebration Events.

31.   AMO Watchfile Apr 2, 2015

In this issue
- 2015 P.J. Marshall Award - Deadline May 1st.
- Private Member Bill introduced that impacts municipalities.
- Recruitment for the Accessibility Standards Advisory Committee.
- Municipal Suppliers - capture your target audience this August.
- Effective Open and Closed Meetings Workshop.
- AMO Conference Keynote announcement.
- What is land use planning?
- Save money on your streetlight bill with LAS.
- Looking for a Green Light on local distribution.
- Career opportunities with City of Guelph and Durham Region.

32.   AMO Watchfile Apr 9, 2015

In this issue
- Government Bill introduced that impacts municipalities.
- Local Poverty Reduction Fund.
- Province appoints Community Hub Advisory Group.
- WSIB Rate Framework Reform Consultation.
- Effective Open and Closed Meetings Workshop.
- Showcase new products and services at the AMO Conference.
- AMO Conference programming announcement.
- What is land use planning?
- Save on group benefits without skimping on coverage.
- MHSW Change to Collection of Paint.
- Career opportunities with Frank Cowan Company and Ontario Public Service.

33.   AMCTO Legislative Express Apr 7, 2015; AMCTO ON Disaster Relief Assistance Prgm Submission, Municipalities calling for Federal Infrastructure Spending, Attorney General considering new online AMPS system, FCM releases 2015 Federal Pre-budget Submission, Province commits new money to combat homelessness, Premier appoints special Community Hubs advisor, Bill 31, Bill 73, Ministry of Labour proposing new regulations, new education guidelines affect municipalities, Changes to Weed Control Act, Bill 73 Backgrounder, new report on service delivery in aging communities, 2013 Ice Storm after-action report released, impact of Ombudsman Investigations on Public Administration, Municipal Youth Engagement

34.   AMCTO The Municipal Minute Mar 25, 2015 (Industry News)

35.   AMCTO The Municipal Minute Apr 1, 2015 (Industry News)

36.   AMCTO The Municipal Minute Apr 8, 2015 (Industry News)

37.   Municipal World Apr 2015; Making the Case, with the infrastructure deficit continuing to grow, and local revenues unable to keep pace, it’s time for a real conversation about preserving quality of life in Canadian communities and about why we so desperately need a national urban agenda




Lions Club Planning Meeting on Apr 22 for Canada Day Celebrations


The Clerk Administrator referred an invitation from Lions Club President John Kellough for our Culture and Rec/Arena representative(s) to attend the planning meeting for Canada Day.  Councillors Scarlett and McLaren will attend.


Rabies Clinic


We’ve been contacted by Dr. Verzijlenberg’s office to again jointly host a Rabies Clinic.  Dates available are later May or early Jun.  We need to provide the location, 2 tables, 4 chairs and 2 volunteers.  We last hosted with South River in 2013.  Council approved.  Administration will proceed to organize.


**Rabies Clinic will be held Thu, May 28, 2015 from 6:00-7:00 pm at the South River Machar Fire Stn.**


Don Ivens Memorial Community Volunteer Award


Mayor Carleton read a thank you from Suzanne Learn to us for nominating her for the award.




80-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we proceed into Closed Session in order to address a matter pertaining to; personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees, advice that is subject to solicitor/client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose.  Time – 8:35 pm.  CARRIED


81-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we come out of Closed Session.  Time – 9:25 pm.  CARRIED




82-15  Flowers, Scarlett

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Budget meeting scheduled for Thu, Apr 16, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED




________________________________________     _____________________________________

Lynda Carleton, Mayor                                                                  Brenda Paul, AMCT, Clerk Administrator