Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers and Bart Wood.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.


Items reviewed:


1.       AMO’s 2015 Pre-Budget Submission Outline


Provided as information; reflects the Province and AMO’s position on budget matters.


2.       Ad required for Notice of Budget Adoption


We’re required to provide notice of budget adoption, we also provided notice of budget review.


3.       Budget Report from Clerk-Administrator


Revenue and Expenditure Highlights were provided.  Net deficit represents the amount to be raised from taxation.  We have received 2014 Reconciled Policing Costs and 2015 Billing Statement Adjustment since.


4.       Draft 2015 Budget (Budget Worksheet)


Budget lines input as follows:  grant amounts to be received, mandatory SWPIF (Source Water Protection) requirements (revenue and costs), Landfill and Public Works budgets, Arena/Fire and Library budgets and levies as required to be paid.  Auditor Surplus Analysis and required adjustments reviewed.


5.       Tax Tools, Set 2015 Levies & Overall Levy Changes


Scenarios and effect were reviewed.  Overall levy change applies to the Total Tax Rate, being a combination of the Education (set by the Province at 0% change for the last number of years) and the Municipal Tax Rate.  The Municipal Tax Rate is determined by per our levy revenue required.


6.       Tax Impact on Median/Typical Property


2015 Tax Impact at an Overall Levy Change of 2.5% was reviewed.  Median/Typical tax classes were reviewed, including:  Single Family Home assessed at 143,750 will pay $1,244.43 (tax change $23.56) and Seasonal Recreation Dwelling assessed at 215,000 will pay $1,861.24 (tax change $19.09).  Tax Impact will vary based on individual property Assessment Change.  A further Sample of Tax Impact was provided to reflect variances on individual properties.  Differences 2014 to 2015 were reviewed.


7.       2014 Tax Rate Comparison


2015 Tax Rates not yet available.  We remain one of the lowest tax rates in the area, with closest comparables as follows:  Strong 0.00811494, South River 0.01408818 and Sundridge 0.01441201 (Machar 0.00665940).  Rates above are the Municipal portion.  Education rates are the same in each municipality. Total Taxes (municipal and education) were reviewed for a median/typical property ($140,500) in 2014: $1,425.36 = Strong, $2,264.60 = South River, $2,310.10 = Sundridge, and $1,220.86 = Machar.


8.       ELCA & 2015 Policing Costs


Letter received congratulates Mayor and Council on their election, details Annual General Meeting to be held Sat, Aug 8 and picnic at Mikisew Park, co-sponsoring of litter pick up for the roads surrounding Eagle Lake on May 2, and increases to OPP policing costs.  The ELCA note the OPP chargeback will be on a per property basis from the Province and ELCA prefers that this form the basis for billing to the individual taxpayer.  We have reviewed their OPP billing request in detail, consulting with the Ministry and considering during our Budget process.  It is not Ministry recommended and we would need to do so by way of a fee or charge.  A fee or charge added this way is not collectible in the same way as taxes, ie the amount is not secured.  We would also have to identify only certain properties to be charged per the OPP billing.  The manner requested by ELCA would exclude 605 properties.  We’re funded and billed in a number of ways for various costs, to differentiate and segregate OPP costs would not be consistent or recommended policy.  Mayor Carleton requested costing information.  Policing costs of $117,311 account for 4.8% or our total expenditures.  A Median Seasonal Recreation Dwelling will pay $1,441.99 in municipal taxes for 2015 = $69.22 portion applicable to Policing costs contained in taxes versus $132.71 per property billed by OPP.  Clerk Administrator to draft reply for Council review.


9.       2014 Budget press release


Reviewed.  Council instructed 2015 be drafted reflecting an approved levy of $1,586,955 representing a 2.5% overall levy change.  By-Law to be prepared for budget adoption on Apr 27, 2015.


Joint Meeting


Mayor Carleton advised she had contacted Mayor Coleman requesting SR obtain a legal opinion on the Agricultural Society lease.  She was advised this is in progress.  The Agricultural Society will attend South River’s meeting on Apr 27, 2015.  We’re in receipt of a list of 6 items proposed by SR for a Joint meeting:  Arena ice/Agricultural Society/lost revenues/legal ramifications, Landfill discussion, municipal shared payments, future Animal Shelter requirements, Cemetery land, and an agreement between the two municipalities ensuring at least one joint meeting each year.  The Mayors discussed a tentative date of May 4.  Councillor Wood may not be available.  Start time was discussed.  6:30 pm is preferable.




83-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Apr 27, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED





                                                                                        Mayor Lynda Carleton





                                                                                        Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT