BY-LAW NO. 14-96


Being a by-law to provide for the numbering of properties for

911 Emergency Service implementation.



WHEREAS the Municipal Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M45, Section 208 (b) (iv) provides that Councils may pass by-laws for the establishment and operation of a communication system for the provision of emergency response services.


AND WHEREAS the Municipal Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M45, Section 210 (112) provides that Councils may pass by-laws for numbering the buildings and lots along any highway or any other property in the municipality, and for charging the owner or occupant with the expense incident to the numbering of the lot, and for collecting such expense in the same manner as taxes;


NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Machar hereby enacts as follows:


1: That a municipal addressing system be established to provide for an accurate,

universally agreed upon system of property identification that will assist emergency

and delivery service.


2: That property identification numbers shall be assigned by the Corporation for every

improved piece of property within the municipality, and that a record of such shall be

maintained by the Corporation for public inspection.


3: The Clerk be and is hereby authorized and directed to notify each owner and/or

occupant of every road access property upon which a building is situated, that there

shall be affixed to the property, in the manner hereinafter prescribed, a number civic

address sign corresponding to the number so assigned by the corporation.


4: Upon date of notification, the owner has 30 days to pick up and install the sign. After

this time, the municipality reserves the right to invoice the owner for material and

installation costs for the house sign.


5: An application for a building permit on vacant land shall include a request for the

property identification number and payment for a numbered civic address sign and

post and the provisions of this by-law shall apply to the installation of said sign and

post which must be installed within 15 days of receipt.


6: No person shall install or cause to be installed a civic address sign except in

accordance with the following specifications;


1: the civic address sign shall be supplied by the municipality;


2: sign must be installed on a post;


3: the civic address sign shall be erected at the entrance to the property perpendicular

to the road and erected in such a manner that both sides of the sign are clearly

visible from the road;


4: the civic address sign shall be at least 5 feet above the ground level;


5: the post shall be not less than 6 feet and not more than 8 feet from the shoulder of

the road with the sign affixed to the road side of the post;


6: properties assigned a civic address on Highway 11 shall comply with the

specifications in Section 5 except that the sign shall be erected on the property line

identified by the owner of the property.

7: No owner of property or any person shall remove a civic address sign.


8: It shall be the responsibility of the owner(s) of the property to keep and maintain in

good condition their civic address sign.


9: Replacement of damaged or stolen civic address signs shall be in accordance with

Section 5 of the by-law and shall be installed within 15 days of the damage or loss of

after receiving notice from the municipality to repair or replace.


10: That any person who fails to comply with any of the provisions of this by-law is

guilty of an offense and on conviction is liable to a fine as set out under the Provincial

Offenses Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P. 33 of not more than $5,000.00 for each



11: If any provision of the By-Law is for any reason held to be invalid, it is hereby

declared to be the intention that all the remaining provisions shall remain in full force

and effect until repealed, notwithstanding that one or more provisions shall have been

declared to be invalid.


12: That where a form or words or expressions are prescribed in this by-law, deviations

therefrom not effecting the substance or calculated to mislead, do not vitiate them.












File: By-Laws/911