Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof; nil.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers and Bart Wood.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.




1.       Feb 9, 2015 minutes, resolution


32-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we adopt Feb 9, 2015 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


-          Update on website opinion poll


Clerk Administrator contacted Web Master per Council direction.  He has advised that we can do questions on the website with yes/no answers, or comment boxes.  Council will consider questions to be asked for future opinion polls.


2.       2015 Spring Newsletter, resolution


33-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we approve 2015 Spring Newsletter.  CARRIED


3.       E Parry Sound Regional Science Fair request for donation


Approved $200.




4.       Machar Public Works minutes of Feb 12, resolution


34-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we accept Public Works minutes of Feb 12, 2015 as amended, including approval of 2015 budgets, subject to overall Township requirements:  Roads $920,200, Landfill Revenues $68,000 and Expenses $141,094.  CARRIED


5.       South River Machar Fire minutes of Feb 3, resolution


35-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we support motions 10-13 as contained in Fire minutes of Feb 3, 2015; minutes, AP/Income Statement, Fire Chief’s Report, meet again…  CARRIED


a.       By-Law to Establish and Regulate the Fire Dept


Feb 3, 2015 minutes indicate the Committee would like to know if Machar Township has approved the Establish and Regulate By-Law.  Copies of the proposed by-law and existing by-law were provided for Council review.  Discussion ensued.  The Clerk Administrator is to forward the following revisions:  5.1 remove “and applicable collective agreement(s)”, and 8.9 m) add “to Provincial standards.”  The Clerk Administrator is also to inquire on the status of Jan 15, 1996 agreement appended to our existing By-Law 6-96, as it provides for the joint management and operation of the Fire Dept and for the establishment of a joint Committee (costs, etc.) which isn’t included in the new draft.


-          Results of Tender for New Fire Tanker

Council reviewed information received on Feb 20, 2015 for the tender opening on Feb 13, 2015 and Feb 18, 2015 Committee meeting.  Discussions ensued on cost and options.  Fire Chief Maki has provided financial information to Councillor Flowers, and the Fire Chief has advised that it is hoped that at the next Committee meeting on Mar 3, 2015 we will be able to make a recommendation on the best financing option for both municipalities.  The tender is only valid for 1 month after the closing date.  Council would like to see the Tanker purchased without causing significant future increases to the Fire Budget.  Finance rates are favourable.  Fundraising was also discussed.


36-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we support motions 14-15 as contained in Fire minutes of Feb 18, 2015; approve the Tender received from Carrier Center Emergency Vehicles in the amount of $294,057.71 for a tanker, meet again…  CARRIED


-          Fire Chief review/copy of Parry Sound EMS System Planning Review


Copy of the recently released EMS report provided by the Fire Chief.  He briefly went over this report at the last Committee meeting and left a copy for each member.  If either Council would like to discuss the report, he is available.  He indicates that although the report is positive in that it says that reallocating the South River night shift would have serious impacts on the coverage, he would like to add that the service did not follow the recommendations of the last report.  Councillor Wood took a copy of the report for review and plans to attend some future meetings.


-          Update on OFMEM Vulnerable Occupancy Monitoring and Validation Protocol


The Fire Chief has completed registry requirements.  We will receive official confirmation of compliance soon.


6.       South River Machar Culture and Rec minutes of Feb 4, resolution


37-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we support motions 7-9 as contained in Culture and Rec minutes of Feb 4, 2015; minutes, AP, meet again…  CARRIED


Feb 4, 2015 Committee minutes indicate the Arena Manager will find out how much the 2014 surplus was and advise us.  Councillor McLaren inquired if we’ve been informed.  The Clerk Administrator advised that we haven’t, however the Year End Statements provided by South River Treasurer indicate balance owing at actual, rather than budget, which would suggest the surplus is not being allocated.  Clerk Administrator is to inquire.


7.       South River Machar Arena minutes of Feb 4, resolution


38-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we support motions 9-12 as contained in Arena minutes of Feb 45, 2015; minutes, AP/Income Statement, Arena Manager’s Report, meet again…  CARRIED


Expense line charging $11,640.00 in free hall rentals was discussed.  Clerk Administrator is to inquire on what this account consists of.


8.       Joint Building Committee permit summaries; Jan 2015




9.       Central Almaguin Planning Board new Secretary & shortened hours:  Wed 9-2


Effective Feb 4, 2015 the South River Clerk Administrator became the CAPB Secretary Treasurer.


10.   ARI Hazmat minutes of Jan 29, resolution


39-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we support motions as contained in ARI Hazmat minutes of Jan 29, 2015; agenda, minutes, Notice to Reader statements for 2014, Dalene MacDonald to prepare the 2014 statement, signing of the 2015 Amendment to the Stewardship ON Contract, adjourn…  CARRIED


Councillor Wood delivered the new draft agreement.  The Clerk Administrator will include it on the next agenda.


11.   N Bay Parry Sound Health Unit appointee report


Representative advises the Health Unit has crafted a Strategic Plan for 2014-18.  The priorities are:  Foster Healthy Behaviours in Children and Youth, Promote Healthy Aging in Adults, Expand Reach, Strengthen the Health Unit’s Organizational Supports.  The Board has passed a budget with a 2% increase.


12.   Emergency Medical Services (EMS) appointee communication


Representative advises the Advisory Committee is in the middle of a round of consultation, looking at many solutions.  He will be personally reporting back to all of us at the end of March with the findings and plan.  He is opposed to any reduction in service of the Hwy 11 corridor stations, and his position has been well received by the Committee and the consultants.


a.       EMS Advisory Committee agenda for Feb 26, 2015


-          Update on contract with W Parry Sound Health Centre; expires Dec 2016


13.   District of Parry Sound Social Services Admin Bd minutes will no longer be sent


Council appreciate the Representative Reports reviewed earlier tonight, and feel all area Representatives should provide same.  Clerk Administrator is to advise DSSAB and Eastholme reps.




14.   Township of Evanturel resolution requests the Province to implement a billing method for those properties located in unorganized territory

15.   Municipality of Greenstone resolution requests the Province to implement a billing method for those properties in unorganized townships so those properties contribute to their fair share of policing costs

16.   Town of Huntsville petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to reject single siting and/or other core services such as surgical procedures, that would result in the closure or downgrading of either acute care site in Muskoka

17.   OPP PCC CERB Queue Call Volume and Service Level Jan 2015

18.   FONOM attends Northern Leaders’ Dialogue, provided updates on a number of strategies developed from the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario

19.   The 2nd review of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 is now complete and has been made public

20.   OMAFRA’s Draft Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario’s Primer Agricultural Areas for input, comments until May 13, 2015

21.   OMAFRA the Traceability Workshop on Feb 10 is cancelled due to no registration

22.   OMAFRA Feb Connects:  Technical Updates, Programs and Services, Resources

23.   MPAC News Feb 12, 2015:  MPAC at ROMA/OGRA, Grain Elevators – Special Amended Notices, Large and Special Purpose Business Properties Consultation, 2014 Emuneration

24.   N Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority new municipal rep needed on Source Protection Committee, spot is vacant due to the death of George Onley of Callander

25.   AMO Watchfile Feb 5, 2015

In This Issue
- Heads of Council training space filling fast.
- Booked and registered for the AMO Conference?
- Pembroke & Peterborough are our next stops.
- Asset management plan complete! So now what?
- It pays to invest in your future.
- Take action on your Energy Conservation Plan.
- Compare data and implement best practices using MIDAS.
- 2015 OGRA/ROMA Conference: Rebooting Ontario's Municipal Sector.
- Career opportunities with Stratford and Ontario Public Service.  

26.   AMO Watchfile Feb 12, 2015

In This Issue
- Accepting submissions for the 2015 P.J. Marshall Award.
- Nine more stops for AMO's training.
- Asset management plan complete! So now what?
- Are you available Aug 16-19, 2015?
- Help your residents with a Water/Wastewater Warranty.
- 2015-2019 ROMA Board Nominations Report.
- Career opportunities with Credit Valley Conservation Authority and Dryden.  

27.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Feb 11, 2015 (Industry News)

28.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Feb 18, 2015 (Industry News)

29.   OMERS Sponsors Corporation confirms new AMO OAC (Omers Administrative Corporation) Board Representative; Penny Somerville

30.   MPP Norm Miller tables Winter Roads Petition with over 2500 signatures




31.   2014 Unaudited Year End Statements:  Fire, Arena, Culture and Rec


Received Feb 19, 2015 for our Audit purposes.  Fire reflects a surplus of $11,257.36 proposing transfer to reserve.  Authority for transfer was queried, Clerk Administrator to inquire.


Arena reflects a deficit (our share) of $14,105.10 which is 20% over our contribution amount.  We will need to decide whether to allocate the $14,105.10 to 2014 where it hasn’t been budgeted, or to 2015 where we’re already anticipating increased costs for other services.  Total Arena deficit is estimated to be in vicinity of more than $41,000.  Discussion ensued.  2014 Arena budget had an increase of 7% to our share and additionally we had to make up an Arena overage of $2,627.24 in 2014 from 2013 actual.  Council queried how to keep the Dept within Budget.


It was noted the Fire Dept went over in 2013 and the Fire Chief had to make it up within his 2014 Budget.  The Arena RINC Project Loan 2015 is $14,585.10 and was budgeted at $32,000 for 2014, so there should be a reduction of approximately $17,000 available on this line in 2015.  Expense line Free Hall Rentals of $11,640 for 2014 was queried.  Clerk Administrator is to inquire what this account consists of, request an updated Income Statement per amounts on the Year End Statement, and when will audited figures be available.  $14,105.10 will be allocated to 2014.


Culture and Rec reflects a balance owing of $779.69 (rather than $1,500 budget) which would suggest surplus isn’t being allocated to Arena for the sound system, which is opposite to discussions at Culture and Rec/Arena Committee meetings.  Clerk Administrator is to inquire.


32.   District of Parry Sound Municipal Assoc representative for Ward 5 on Executive


40-15  McLaren, Flowers

THAT we appoint Lynda Carleton as representative for Ward 5 on the Executive for the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association.  CARRIED



41-15  Wood, McLaren

THAT we proceed into Closed Session in order to address a matter pertaining to; personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees.  Time 8:13 pm.  CARRIED


42-15  McLaren, Flowers

THAT we come out of Closed Session with agreement as follows;


43-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we accept, with regret, the resignation of Councillor Harvey Pinkerton,

FURTHER THAT we declare the seat Vacant.  Time 8:19 pm.  CARRIED




44-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Mar 9, 20015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED





                                                                                        Mayor Lynda Carleton





                                                                                        Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT