Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof; nil.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers and Harvey Pinkerton.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.




Guests attending:  Mariam and Doug Lee.


Lakeshore Road Allowance 4-122, resolution


1-15  McLaren, Pinkerton

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to By-Law No. 1-15; to close and sell part of the original shore road allowance in front of Lot 26, Con 3 (556 B East Bay Rd 4-166).  CARRIED


Committee of Adjustment By-Law, resolution


2-15  Pinkerton, Flowers

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to By-Law No. 2-15; to constitute and appoint a Committee of Adjustment for the Township of Machar.  CARRIED


Minor Variance Application 5-149, resolution


Notice provided Dec 30, 2014 by 1st class mail.  No written nor oral comments received.  Purpose of the application is to construct a 17.8m2 addition to the existing legal non complying cottage which will require relief of the maximum lot coverage provision in the Shoreline Residential Zone from 10% to 12.6%.  Committee considered the 4 tests.  Decision:  Approved.  Reasons for Decision:  Is in keeping with the intent of the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law, is per the existing development of the lot.




1.       Dec 8, 2014 minutes, resolution


3-15  McLaren, Pinkerton

THAT we adopt Dec 8, 2014 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


Game Warden to be invited to a future meeting to discuss MNR program for animals seized.


a.       Emergency Medical Services representative for East Parry Sound Area – Les Blackwell


b.      District of Parry Sound Social Services Area 5 representative(s) – Lyle Hall


c.       North Bay Mattawa Source Protection Authority appointee – minutes please


d.      Eastholme Home for the Aged Area 2 appointee – Jim Coleman, report & minutes please


e.      Update on Rezoning Application 1-041 – information required within 2 years not submitted to MNR, subject application is considered withdrawn and file closed


2.       Agreement to Assist in completion of Source Protection Implementation Fund Project, resolution


4-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we approve Agreement to Assist in Completion of Source Protection Implementation Fund Project (SPMIF) with the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority as presented.  CARRIED


3.       Council Orientation Session on Jan 20 (MMAH), resolution


5-15  McLaren, Flowers

THAT the Council of the Township of Machar agrees that as per the Municipal Act S.O. 2001 as amended, Section 239(3.1) Education or Training Session, a meeting of Council or the local board may be closed to the public if the following conditions are both satisfied:

1.       The meeting is held for the purpose of education of training the members,

2.       No member discusses or otherwise deals with any matter in a way that materially advances the business or decision making of the Council or local board;


AND THAT the Council of the Township of Machar will be participating in a meeting wherein outside educators will be explaining issues under the Municipal Act,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT as per the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, Section 239(3.1) as amended, the Council of the Township of Machar hereby close a meeting to be held on Jan 20, 2015 for educational and training purposes.  CARRIED


4.       Council Orientation Session on Jan 30 (Russell, Christie, LLP)


Invitation declined.  We have registered for Councillor Training 101 in North Bay.


5.       Accessibility Report for 2014 Municipal Election, resolution


No issues.  We use Vote by Mail.  Municipal Office renovations done in 2013.  We are barrier free.


6-15  Flowers, Pinkerton

THAT we accept Accessibility Report for the 2014 Municipal Election.  CARRIED


6.       Vote by Mail Report for 2014 Municipal Election, resolution


New supplier used this time, costs were lower.  Voter turnout = 47% compared to 46% in 2010.  We experienced issues around the Voter’s List accuracy and have referred these concerns to MPAC.


7-15  McLaren, Pinkerton

THAT we accept Vote by Mail Report for the 2014 Municipal Election.  CARRIED


7.       South River request for Joint Meeting


South River has proposed a Joint Meeting as one was held in Jan 2011 (early in the new term of Council) with topics to be determined closer to the meeting date.  Dates suggested were Jan 19 (which has been selected as the next CAEDA meeting) and then Feb 2.  Topics from Jan 2011 were reviewed.  We’re currently busy with a number of priorities.  We’ll propose a meeting at another time when we’re less busy and there are agenda items.


8.       Invitation to Agricultural Society’s Annual Meeting on Jan 15


Discussions ensued on the covering of the ice surface for the 2014 Fall Fair.  Mayor Carleton and/or Arena Committee member Pinkerton will attend the Annual Meeting.




9.       South River Machar Fire (* 7:30 pm Fire Chief Risto Maki re new Tanker)


a.       Timmins Tanker, Jan 6 Committee recommendation for a new Tanker *


Discussions ensued on the Tanker.  Councillor Pinkerton referred his contact with a supplier for used trucks.  Chief Maki explained he has explored used trucks and the value of a new truck explaining any used truck would need to be ULC or NFPA compliant.  He also indicated cost savings to taxpayers on insurance policies with a new truck.  Councillor Flowers requested clarification on life span in conjunction with insurance, costs and truck requirements.  It was noted the 2015 draft budget sent to Committee proposes an 8.6% increase to municipal contributions (from $109,995 each to $119,449.50).  Chief Maki indicated the budget has not been reviewed yet at Committee.  He also indicated he expects a surplus at year end 2014.  Council agree a tanker is needed, but are concerned at the $300,000 cost proposed for a new tanker.  Mayor Carleton advised Council would need to discuss further after Chief Maki departs the meeting.  Chief Maki advised South River passed a resolution unanimously tonight to proceed with tendering for a new truck and requested to stay for Machar’s decision.  Some additional discussion ensued.  Chief Maki then departed requesting notice of the decision as soon as possible.  The Clerk Administrator indicated she would advise him first thing in the morning.  Council discussed further and deferred decision pending further information.  Council would like Chief Maki to investigate the used tanker supplier presented by Councillor Pinkerton.  Council would like to know the impact (cost) of annual payments on a new tanker commencing 2016 (i.e for a full year).  Council would like documentation from the insurance company indicating savings of $200-300 to ratepayers.  Council would like to receive this information for their next meeting.  The Clerk Administrator will e-mail Chief Maki in the morning as requested.


b.      Regulatory changes to fire safety in vulnerable occupancies


Follow up letter received, to be forwarded to Chief Maki.


10.   Central Almaguin Economic Development minutes of Dec 18


8-15  Flowers, Pinkerton

THAT we acknowledge CAEDA minutes dated Dec 18, 2014.  CARRIED


a.       Community Investment Initiative for Northern ON (CIINO) program


9-15  McLaren, Flowers

THAT we support application to CIINO (Community Investment Initiative for Northern Ontario) Program by CAEDA.  CARRIED


The minutes suggested that CAEDA members speak to their Council’s regarding budgeting for their portion of the new position costs…  The Clerk Administrator will request costs.


11.    Central Almaguin Planning Board minutes of Dec 17, resolution


10-15  Pinkerton, Flowers

THAT we acknowledge Planning minutes of Dec 17, 2014.  CARRIED




12.     The Eagle Eye Newsletter (Eagle Lake Conservation Association) Nov 2014

13.     OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) 3rd Quarter Stats for 2014

14.     OPP PCC CERB Queue Call Volume and Service Level Nov 2014 (911 calls)

15.     Reanda Doornink response to recently announced changes being proposed to the Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines by the Ministry of Education

16.     North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Price of Eating Well Report 2014

17.     AMO Breaking News:  AMO’s 2015 Pre-Budget Submission Outline

18.     AMO Communications; OMERS Update Dec 16, 2014, OMERS Sponsors Corporation approves New Funding Strategy outlines how benefits and contributions will be modified as the OMERS Primary Plan cycles through periods of funding deficit and surplus

19.     AMO Policy Update; Bill 8, Accountability and Transparency Measures Update, if a municipality does not appoint a municipal ombudsman, the Ontario Ombudsman will become the default municipal ombudsman

20.     FONOM (Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities) media release; Northern Municipality hit hard as a result of Forestry Sector Challenges, Resolute Forest Products will permanently close the newsprint mill in Iroquois Falls

21.     FONOM; Ministers of Natural Resources and Forestry and Northern Development and Mines hear concerns from Northern Mayors on forestry sector, Endangered Species Act

22.     Notice of Release of the Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change’s Annual Report on Drinking Water 2014

23.     AMO Watchfile Dec 11, 2014

In This Issue
- Be prepared for the year ahead with AMO trainings.
- Why do municipalities need to plan?
- AMO Conference guest room booking opens January 13.
- LAS to launch 4 new service offerings in 2015.
- FCM launches Hometown Proud Campaign.
- Don’t miss the 2015 SCC - Canada’s hub for municipal sustainability.
- Career opportunities with City of Kingston and AMO.  

24.     AMO Watchfile Dec 18, 2014

In This Issue
- Provincial Land Tax Review Paper released.
- EBR posting proposes streamlining of process for Record of Site Condition.
- Railway Safety Act - Final grade crossing regulations released.
- Heads of Council Training in Thunder Bay.
- New term. New year. New AMO training.
- What is land use planning?
- 2015 AMO Conference guest room booking information.
- Career opportunity with AMO.                                                                                                                                                                        

25.     2015 Doors Open Ontario Program, registration $1,500 + HST

26.     Southwest Ag Conference will be webcasted in our region on Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at College Boreal-Nipissing Campus in Sturgeon Falls

27.     Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; Connects Dec 2014, technical updates, programs and services, resources

28.     AMCTO Municipal Minute Dec 10, 2014 (Industry News)

29.     AMCTO Municipal Minute Dec 17, 2014 (Industry News)

30.     AMCTO Municipal Minute Dec 24, 2014 (Industry News)

31.     AMCTO Municipal Minute Dec 31, 2014 (Industry News)

32.     AMCTO Municipal Minute Jan 7, 2015 (Industry News)

33.     Municipal World Dec 2014; For the Love of Winter

34.     Municipal World Jan 2015; Built for the Future




Ontario Heritage Week 2015 runs from Mon, Feb 16 to Sun, Feb 22


North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Accommodation Planning Phase I Complete

The Health Unit advise that just before Christmas, they were successful in acquiring the land for which they sought and obtained majority municipal approval last year.  The site is ideally located in downtown North Bay facilitating access for the majority of their clients and is on a public transit route.  Phase II is the construction of a new building.  They are presently developing a detailed financial plan and will present it this spring for majority approval when they’re confident their proposal will result in minimal financial risk for municipalities as they’re aware of our fiscal constraints.


Medical Centre

Mayor Carleton and Clerk Administrator Paul provided an update on the negotiation of the short term lease for the lower level.  Accessibility has been addressed without costly repairs to the lift.



11-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we proceed into Closed Session in order to address a matter pertaining to; personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees, litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board.  Time – 8:40 pm.  CARRIED

12-15  Pinkerton, Flowers

THAT we come out of Closed Session.  Time – 8:55 pm.  CARRIED



13-15  McLaren, Pinkerton

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Jan 26, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED



__________________________________________        ____________________________________

Mayor Lynda Carleton                                                           Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT