Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof; nil.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers, Harvey Pinkerton and Bart Wood.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.




6:30 pm  MPP Norm Miller


Mr. Miller introduced the topic of winter road maintenance on provincial highways, explaining the difference in current contracts versus previous contracts which were MTO managed outsourcing.  He indicated the new system is not working and his efforts to get this matter remedied, including a Petition in support of Improved Winter Roads Maintenance, available in our office for signature.


Mr. Miller advised he is pursuing a Private Members Bill regarding ATVs and explained the rules are currently quite restrictive.  The Bill will update the definition to include UTVs and Side by Sides.


Mayor Carleton expressed concern with Eastholme costs anticipated to increase in 2015, as well as increased costs in 2015 and ongoing for OPP.  She also inquired regarding potential funding sources for a Fire Tanker.  Mr. Miller took notes and will make inquiries for funding of Fire trucks.


6:30 pm  Bill Riley for 2015 Insurance presentation


Mr. Riley provided a full and in depth presentation on our insurance policy describing the coverages, deductibles and limits of liability.  He also provided information on the Tanker Accreditation inquiry, indicating the Fire Underwriter Survey provides the municipality with an overall rating, considering manpower, equipment, etc.  Fire losses are the lowest percentage loss for insurance.


7:00 pm  Minor Variance 1/15 4-175


Applicants Joan and Ron Harvey attended.  Notice mailed Jan 15, 2015.  No comments received other than letter submitted with the application by the applicants.  Purpose of the application is to construct a 13.4 m2 addition to the existing legal non complying cottage which will require relief of the maximum lot coverage provision in the Shoreline Residential Zone from 10% to 13.9%.  Committee considered the 4 tests.  Decision:  Approved.  Reasons for Decision:  Is in keeping with the intent of the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law, is considered minor, and is in keeping with the development of the lot.




1.       Jan 12, 2015 minutes, resolution


14-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we adopt Jan 12, 2015 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


a.       District of Parry Sound Social Services Area 5 representative (2), resolution


15-15  Pinkerton, Wood

THAT we support Teri Brandt to represent Area 5 on the District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board.  CARRIED


2.       Annual By-Laws, resolution


16-15  McLaren, Flowers

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to annual by-laws:  to provide for interest to be added to Tax Arrears, to establish a penalty charge for non payment of Current Taxes, to provide for an Interim Tax Levy.  CARRIED


3.       2015 Spring Newsletter


Preliminary draft provided for Council input and suggestions made: budget challenges, events…


4.       Pay List as of 30 Dec 2014, resolution


17-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we authorize Pay List by Fund as of 30 Dec 2014:  $215,899.87.  CARRIED




5.       Machar Public Works minutes Jan 15, 2015, resolution


Council were updated on a further inquiry from the Snowmobile Club rep, staff research and that our policy is the same as the neighbouring municipality; signed per by-law, no agreement.


18-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we accept Public Works minutes of Jan 15, 2015.  CARRIED


6.       South River Machar Fire minutes of Jan 6, 2015, resolution


19-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we support motions 1-7 as contained in Fire minutes of Jan 6, 2015:  appoint Les Mahon as Chair, appoint Harvey Pinkerton as Vice Chair, adopt the minutes, AP Ledger/Income Statement, Fire Chief’s Report, commence the tender process for a new tanker, meet again…  CARRIED


Council specified support of motion to commence the tender process for a new tanker, is not a commitment to purchase, the tender document should read “Any Tender not necessarily accepted”.  Price and funding need to be determined.  Council requested the Special Reserve of $100,000 be pursued as a funding source for the new Tanker.  Clerk Administrator to advise Fire Chief.


a.       Fire Committee motion 2015-6 (new Tanker) and Jan 13, 2015 minutes


7.       South River Machar Culture and Rec minutes of Jan 7, 2015, resolution


20-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we support motions 1-6 as contained in Culture and Rec minutes of Jan 7, 2015:  appoint Teri Brandt as Chair, appoint Ron McLaren as Vice Chair, adopt the minutes, AP Ledger/Income Statement, any surplus from the Culture and Recreation Committee 2014 Budget goes to the Arena Committee Budget for the purchase of a sound system for the ice surface, meet again…  CARRIED


8.       South River Machar Arena minutes of Jan 7, 2015, resolution


21-15  Pinkerton, McLaren

THAT we support motions 1-8 as contained in Arena minutes of Jan 7, 2015:  appoint Doug Sewell as Chair, appoint Ron McLaren as Vice Chair, the new rate for the 2015 Day Camp is $115.00 per week for a resident and a non-resident and to eliminate the 4 week session rate, adopt the minutes, AP Ledger/Income Statement, Arena Manager’s Report, accept the South River Figure Skating Club’s request to use free ice for a skate-a-thon, meet again…  CARRIED


9.       South River Machar Medical minutes of Jan 20, 2015, resolution


22-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we support motions 1-8 as contained in Medical minutes of Jan 20, 2015:  appoint Sharon Smith as Chair, appoint Blair Flowers as Vice Chair, adopt the minutes, Pay List/Budgetary Control, approve the Agreement between the Corporation of the Township of Machar and the Corporation of the Village of South River and District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board, rental fees for tenants be increased, approve the proposed 2015 Budget, now adjourned…  CARRIED


10.   South River Machar Library minutes of Jan 8, 2015, resolution


23-15  McLaren, Pinkerton

THAT we acknowledge Library minutes of Jan 8, 2015.  CARRIED


11.   Central Almaguin Economic Development minutes of Jan 19, 2015, resolution


24-15  Pinkerton, Wood

THAT we acknowledge CAEDA minutes of Jan 19, 2015.  CARRIED


12.   Joint Building Committee minutes of Jan 15, 2015, resolution


25-15  Wood, Flowers

THAT we acknowledge JBC minutes of Jan 15, 2015.  CARRIED


a.       Permit Summaries/2014 Reports




13.   District of Parry Sound Social Services Admin Bd express concern about the current state of the Ontario Works program as a result of the Social Assistance Management System

14.   Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression regarding Bill 52, the Protection of Public Participation Act, Information Fact Sheet

15.   MPP Norm Miler in Huntsville with petition to support improved winter road maintenance; Fri, Jan 30, 2015 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Algonquin Theatre, 37 Main St E

16.   PCC (OPP Provincial Communications Centre and Applications Support) CERB (Central Emergency Response Bureau) Queue Call Volume and Service Level Dec 2014

17.   MPAC News Jan 19, 2015; Happy New Year, Outreach in 2015, and YouTube

18.   2015 FONOM/MMAH Northeastern Municipal Conference hosted by the City of Sudbury on May 6-8; Redefining Resourceful

19.   Notice from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to update you about the work being done to integrate employment and training services, Province is launching the next phase of broad-based stakeholder consultations in Jan and Feb

20.   AMO Watchfile Jan 8, 2015

In This Issue
- 2015 - It will be quite a year!
- Request for nominations to fill 2014-16 AMO Board vacancies.
- Municipal resolutions growing for legislative action on Double Hatters.
- Industry Canada revises 3500 MHz Rural Broadband Policy.
- Five-year Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality.
- New term. New year. New AMO training.
- What is land use planning?
- 2015 AMO Conference guest room booking information.
- Put money back in your pocket with the LAS Home & Auto Program.
- Upgrading to LEDs a bright idea for your new council.
- OMERS new Funding Management Strategy.
- Request for nominations for the 2015–19 ROMA Board.
- Dazzling Notice Awards.
- Career opportunities with Ontario Public Service and AMO.  

21.   AMO Watchfile Jan 15, 2015

In This Issue
- Joint and Several Liability: Increasing municipal costs, decreasing fun.
- The Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act (Bill 8) status.
- Bill 52 - Protection of Public Participation Act (anti-SLAPP) re-introduction.
- Provincial Legislature recess.
- Putting “Flesh on the Bones” for a “Conservation Culture”.
- 2015 AMO Conference registration now open!
- You completed your asset management plan – so now what?
- AMO: Your source for municipal councillor training.
- Why do municipalities need to plan?
- New year, new Group Benefits plan.
- New AMO/OMKN Toolkit guides councillor asset management decisions.
- Career opportunities with City of Burlington and AMO.  

22.   AMO Watchfile Jan 22, 2015

In This Issue
- Rock and a Hard Spot - court decision could trigger more lawsuits on use of road salt.
- Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program consultation.
- Province providing wage enhancement for ECEs.
- Wells regulation – Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Review.
- 2015 AMO Conference Registration is open.
- Got an AMP? What are you doing with it?
- What is land use planning?
- What's on your training calendar?
- Start saving money and implementing your Energy Plan with LAS workshops.
- An Invasive Plant Management Strategy for Ontario municipalities. 
- Career opportunities with Peel and Warwick.  

23.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Jan 14, 2015 (Industry News)

24.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Jan 21, 2015 (Industry News)

25.   OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) Connects Jan 2015; technical updates, programs and services, resources, next issue Feb 13, 2015

26.   SoilSmart 2015 Web Conference Fri, Jan 23, 2015 from 9-5, a full day in depth focus on soil health to support viable and responsible crop production now and in the future

27.   Minister of Northern Development and Mines and Chair of the Northern ON Heritage Fund Corporation and Board cordially invite you to attend a special reception; N Bay Jan 29, 2015




2015 Committee Budgets


Deputy Mayor McLaren requested Council advice on 2015 Budget amounts.  Council directed that Joint Committees should hold the line at last year contribution amounts, due to the many budget challenges we will face this year.  Committee budgets are required for approval by Councils prior to Apr 1.


Financial Indicator Review


Mayor Carleton advised Council the Clerk Administrator had contacted MMAH regarding the information sheet provided.  MMAH has provided a corrected version; total taxes receivable – low level of challenge. 




26-15  Pinkerton, Wood

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Feb 9, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED





                                                                                                Mayor Lynda Carleton





                                                                                                Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT