MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015



Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof.  Councillor Wood declared a pecuniary interest with respect to Item 5. a. 2015 proposed Budget:  Part 2 Wages and Benefits and Part 6 Total Budget as he, as well as his daughter, are volunteer firefighters.  It was noted there is a specific exception in the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act to allow Councillor Wood’s participation in respect of an allowance for attendance at meetings, or any other allowance, honorarium, remuneration, salary or benefit to which the member may be entitled by reason of being a member or as a member of a volunteer fire brigade, however he chose not to participate.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Bart Wood and Neil Scarlett.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.




1.       Mar 9, 2015 minutes, Resolution


57-15  Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we adopt Mar 9, 2015 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


2.       S River Machar Agricultural Society 5th Annual Taffy Pull on Sat, Mar 28, 2015


Activities run 11am – 2pm.  Regrettably, Council members may have prior commitments.




3.       Machar Emergency Management; Information Officer, Resolution


58-15  Wood, Scarlett

THAT we appoint Ron Bennison as Emergency Information Officer, Community Spokesperson, Citizen Inquiry Supervisor for our Emergency Plan with remuneration at the Committee/Council per diem rates for meetings, half day or full day.  CARRIED


4.       Machar Public Works minutes of Mar 12, 2015, Resolution


59-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we accept Public Works minutes of Mar 12, 2015.  CARRIED


A logger’s objections to Half Loads were referred.  Almost 1 week’s advance notice was provided.


5.       South River Machar Fire minutes of Mar 3, 2015, Resolution


60-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we support motions 16-18 and 21-23 as contained in Fire minutes of Mar 3, 2015; adopt the minutes, AP Ledger/Income Statement, Fire Chief’s Report, close the meeting, adjourn from closed session, meet again…

FURTHER THAT motion 19 has been addressed as we’ve advised our preference for Tanker payment is a 7 year lease with a down payment in amount to match that of South River,

AND FURTHER THAT we support motion 20 to accept 2015 Budget in the amount of $114,874.50 municipal contributions representing a 4.4% increase, subject to overall Township budget requirements and acceptance by the Village of South River.  CARRIED


a.       2015 proposed Budget, Capital, Long Range Forecast


Reviewed.  Capital list and Long Range Forecast provided for Council information:  2015 = Tanker, hose and equipment, thermal imaging camera.


b.      Establish and Regulate By-Law, Tanker Financing


Reply received from Administration regarding proposed changes to the by-law and status of the agreement:  5.1 to remain as is, 8.9 m) to be revised, Agreement remains in effect.


The amount of money South River will budget for a down payment has not been discussed in detail.  SR Administration will place it on their Mar 23 Council agenda and advise thereafter.  Also, inquiry made by SR Administration on our portion of down payment.  We will pay up front.


c.       Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Information


The Fire Chief advises to qualify for the water shuttle accreditation program, the property must be located within 8 km driving distance from the Firehall and within 5 km of an approved water source.  Approved water source would include the closest Village fire hydrant.  Dry hydrants can also be used as an approved water source which could be installed to extend the range to the full 8 km at any time.  Inquiries to insurance companies by property owners are indicating some will see savings and some won’t as they’re already listed as within the savings area.


6.       South River Machar Culture and Recreation minutes of Mar 4, 2015, Resolution


a.       2015 proposed Budget


61-15  Wood, Scarlett

THAT we support motions 10 and 12 as contained in Culture and Rec minutes of Mar 4, 2015; adopt the minutes, meet again…

FURTHER THAT we support motion 11 to accept 2015 Budget in the amount of $1,500 municipal contributions representing the same amount as last year, subject to overall Township budget requirements and acceptance by the Village of South River.  CARRIED


7.       South River Machar Arena minutes of Mar 4, 2015, Resolution


SR Administration comment on outstanding line of credit that cannot be paid until Machar Township pays their share of the loan was explained.  We pay for Arena and Fire mid quarter each quarter.  The deficit for 2014 is also outstanding awaiting SR audited figures so that we can send payment.


62-16  Scarlett, Wood

THAT we support motions 13-16 as contained in Arena minutes of Mar 4, 2015; adopt the minutes, AP Ledger/Income Statement, Arena Manager’s Report, meet again…  CARRIED


8.       South River Machar Arena minutes of Mar 16, 2015, Resolution


Further to Committee discussion on Mar 4, Administration for the Day Camp advised that notice has already gone out for the Day Camp with the current year’s prices, and they do not want to change the price to $350 for 4 weeks.  Also, usage of the Arena by local organizations was revisited at Committee.  Discussion ensued.  Council concurred the Lions Club do a tremendous amount of work and contribution to our community, and the Agricultural Society is a very important part of our community as well as the success of the Fall Fair.  We continue to prefer the ice be taken out.  Committee has recommended a meeting be held with Mayors Coleman and Carleton, the hockey team Manager and the Agricultural Society to facilitate a solution.


a.       2015 proposed Budget, Capital


Reviewed.  Capital list provided for Council information:  2015 = floor scrubber, wall repair, roof repairs, stereo system (total $29,000 - $13,000 for furnaces not required for 2 years).  Committee approved $25,000 in Option A presented by staff.  LED Interior Lighting has now been presented, extra to the original list.  Council was cautioned capital items will need to be prioritized to stay within the budget line amount.  Year-end deficit was identified as a concern.


63-16 Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we support motion 19 as contained in Arena minutes of Mar 16, 2015; meet again,

FURTHER THAT we support motion 17 to accept 2015 Budget Option A as amended in the amount of $70,871 our municipal contribution, subject to overall Township budget requirements and acceptance by the Village of South River.  CARRIED


9.       South River Machar Medical Centre minutes of Mar 17, 2015, Resolution


64-15  Wood, McLaren

THAT we support motions 1-3 as contained in Medical minutes of Mar 17, 2015; adopt the minutes, Pay List/Budgetary Control, now adjourned…  CARRIED


10.   Joint Building permit summaries


Invoice received today from JBC for $3,552 due to a shortfall in revenue.  Clerk Administrator to inquire on time frame represented.  Discussion ensued due to cost concerns:  JBC and CAEDA.


11.   District of Parry Sound Social Services Admin; 2015 Budget


Our 2015 levy is $112,478 down $717 from $113,195 in 2014.




12.   Come and Go Tea in honour of former Sundridge Mayor Elgin Schneider on Sun, Apr 12 from 2-4 at the Sundridge Community Centre, 110 Main St, Sundridge

13.   Woodstock Accessibility Advisory Committee, City of Woodstock does not support the proposed plan to eliminate residential home to home delivery and petition to reconsider

14.   OPP PCC CERB Queue Call Volume and Service Level Feb 2015

15.   N Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit news release:  Update your Child’s Immunization

16.   N Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit sending an AGCO fact sheet monthly (Alcohol…)

17.   ON Parks Approved 2015/2016 Annual Work Schedule Algonquin Park Forest Mgmt Unit

18.   ON Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade has created a new section dedicated to not-for-profits on Service Ontario

19.   MPAC News Mar 2015:  MPAC at OMTRA, Large and Special Purpose Business Properties, Strategic Plan Update, MPAC’s Board Chair meets with N ON Municipalities

20.   Communities in Bloom an invitation to participate $365 + HST

21.   AMO Policy Update; Government Introduces Changes to Land Use Planning and Development Charges Legislation, AMO will be reviewing the Bill once it is posted

22.   AMO Watchfile Mar 12, 2015

In this issue
- Government Bill introduced that impacts municipalities.
- All about the federal Gas Tax Fund in Ontario.
- Asset Management Symposium 90% sold out.
- Coming up: Meetings Series Workshops.
- What is land use planning?
- Municipal Energy Finance workshop.
- LAS no-cost Town Hall sessions filling up fast.
- LAS Streetlight Service leading the way, subject to frequent attacks.
- The benefits of an aggregated Group Benefits Program.
- Careers with French River, Lanark Highlands, Vaughan, Simcoe and Trent Hills.  

23.   AMO Watchfile Mar 19, 2015

In this issue
- In Memoriam - Doris Brick.
- 2015 P.J. Marshall Award - Deadline May 1st.
- Private Member Bill introduced that impacts municipalities.
- Asset Management Symposium - additional seating added.
- Register today for AMO Meetings Series workshops.
- Save money on your Home & Auto Insurance, not time.
- OAPSB Spring Conference, May 27-30, Toronto.
- The 2015 Accommodation Law Conference, April 22-23, Ottawa.
- Career opportunity with Ontario Public Service.  


24.   AMCTO Express Mar 9, 2015

·         Key Highlights from AMCTO Board of Directors Meeting – February 27th 2015

·         Proposed Membership Fee Strategy

·         Changes to AMCTO Student/Educator Membership Category

·         Proposed AMCTO Entry Level Designation

·         AMCTO Code of Ethics and Values

·         Proposed New AMCTO Constitution and By-law

·         MPAC – Voters List and Preliminary List of Electors

·         Review of AMCTO Awards and Recognition Programs

25.   Species at Risk ON; Environment Canada Recovery Planning Document on the Species at Risk Public Registry:  Canada Warbler, Common Nighthawk, Olive-sided Flycatcher

26.   ON Senior of the Year Award nomination form available

27.   2015 Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence Application Intake

28.   Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Economic Development March CONNECTS

29.   AMCTO the Municipal Minute Mar 11, 2015

30.   AMCTO the Municipal Minute Mar 18, 2015




2015 Budget


Review is scheduled for Thu, Apr 16 at 3:00 pm and adoption on Mon, Apr 27 at 6:30 pm.




65-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we proceed into Closed Session in order to address a matter pertaining to; personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees; a matter in respect of which a Council, board, committee or other body has authorized a meeting to be closed under another Act.  Time 8:02 pm.  CARRIED


66-15  Scarlett, Wood

THAT we come out of Closed Session.  Time 8:15 pm.  CARRIED




67-15  Scarlett, McLaren

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Apr 13, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED





                                                                                        Mayor Lynda Carleton





                                                                                        Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT