Call to Order, Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof; nil.


Council present:  Mayor Lynda Carleton, Deputy Mayor Ron McLaren, Councillors Blair Flowers and Bart Wood, Neil Scarlett.  Staff present:  Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul.




1.       Appointment to fill Council vacancy, resolution


45-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we appoint Neil Scarlett to fill the vacant Councillor seat.  CARRIED


Councillor Scarlett read and signed the Declaration of Office.


2.       Feb 23, 2015 minutes, resolution


46-15  Flowers, Wood

THAT we adopt Feb 23, 2015 Regular minutes.  CARRIED


3.       2014 Revised Year End Invoices for Arena & Fire Dept


Further to inquiries at our last meeting, revised statements received accompanied by income statements to provide line by line detail as requested. 


Arena 2014 deficit amount owing our share has changed to $15,700.16 (total 2014 deficit = $43,134.97).  Council queried deficit expense detail highlights:  value of 2 defibrillators donated.


The Chief Arena Operator delivered copies for Council today of an analysis of costs and operational issues which have developed with the addition of a Junior A team to the South River Machar Arena.  Discussions at Committee with members of the Agricultural Society were referred.


Discussions ensued regarding Arena budget deliberation at Committee on Mar 4, 2015.  Several budget lines were revised.  Deputy Mayor McLaren advised the Chief Arena Operator has determined the furnaces in 2015 capital don’t need replacement for another 2 years. 


Fire 2014 surplus to reserve has changed to $20,310.54.  The Fire Chief has forwarded 2015 Budget proposed from Committee.  It will come forward with Fire minutes at our Mar 23, 2015 meeting.  It was noted that Fire and Arena budgets are required to be passed annually by Apr 1.


Deputy Mayor McLaren will request a Special Arena meeting in advance of our next Council meeting on Mar 23, 2015 in order to finalize Arena unfinished items:  revisions to 2015 Budget proposed, Committee motion on Day Camp monthly fee and query the 2 defibrillators donated.


Deputy Mayor McLaren referred being approached by Sundridge Councillors to consider sharing some fire equipment, ie. future fire expense efficiencies to benefit each other.


4.       Zoning 4-336-05


Concern received regarding our no trailer policy requesting Council revisit the policy.  Council considered the request and the issue of trailers.  Our Zoning By-Law will only permit trailers on a temporary basis in the SR, BR and RU zones for up to 30 days in a calendar year.  Council understand the issues around permanent location of trailers.  Permanent trailers are not permitted as they were an ongoing enforcement issue for us; septic disposal system required, billing and collection of a monthly trailer fee, compliance with property standards, etc.  Permanent trailers were disallowed in January 2006.  The existing policy has been successful in removing 1/3 of the permanent trailers which were grandfathered, however they continue to be an enforcement issue and we currently have account issues with 20% of the ones that remain.  Council instructed a reply be sent to the property owner explaining the issues and that a temporary trailer is permitted.


Additionally, Council would like to increase the fee on grandfathered trailers and non payment of account added to taxes.  Administration to investigate.


5.       Pay List by Fund, resolution


Reviewed:  Municipal Office monthly hydro/internet, CSPT grant, Landfill lighting upgrade/gate.


47-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we authorize Pay List by Fund as of 05 Mar 2015:  $229,831.71.  CARRIED




6.       South River Machar Arena; 2015 Day Camp rates


Concern received regarding the elimination of the monthly rate and subsequent increase in cost.  Mayor Carleton brought this matter forward at Arena Committee.  A monthly special is to be added at $350.  Administration may require a Committee motion to put in effect.


7.       South River Machar Medical minutes of Feb 17, 2015, resolution


48-15  Wood, Scarlett

THAT we support motions 1-3 as contained in Medical minutes of Feb 17, 2015:  adopt the minutes, Pay List/Budgetary Control, now adjourned…  CARRIED


8.       South River Machar Library minutes of Feb 19, 2015, resolution


49-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we acknowledge Library minutes of Feb 19, 2015.  CARRIED


9.       Joint Building Committee minutes of Feb 17, 2015, resolution


Costs for admin, rent, remuneration and audit fee were discussed.


50-15  Flowers, McLaren

THAT we acknowledge Joint Building minutes of Feb 17, 2015.  CARRIED


51-15  Flowers, Scarlett

THAT we support remuneration to Joint Building Committee members be paid from Joint Building Committee revenue per the Joint Building Committee Agreement.  CARRIED


JBC Agreement section on Surplus and Shortfall was noted:  The Committee, shall retain, any surplus ...  As such, removal of any costs should be considered accordingly.  Copy of JBC Agreement to be provided to Councillor Wood (our representative on JBC).


10.   Almaguin Recycling Initiative Hazmat Agreement, resolution


52-15  McLaren, Wood

THAT we support the agreement as drafted for the Almaguin Hazmart Recycling Board.  CARRIED


11.   Central Almaguin Economic Dev minutes of Mar 2, 2015, resolution


Length of meetings and topics discussed were referred in consideration of their benefit to us.  Council agreed to continue in 2015 but will review commitment to CAEDA ongoing.


53-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we acknowledge CAEDA minutes of Mar 20, 2015,

FURTHER THAT we support Resolution 2015-15 that each member municipality contribute $5,140.00 in 2015 to cover operating expenses from Jul – Dec 2015, subject to overall Township budget requirements.  CARRIED


12.   Central Almaguin Planning minutes of Jan 21, 2015, resolution


54-15  Scarlett, Flowers

THAT we acknowledge Planning minutes of Jan 21, 2015.  CARRIED


13.   East Parry Sound Steering; Almaguin Fish Improvement Assoc


55-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we support the Almaguin Fish Improvement Association (AFIA) and request the Minister of Natural Resources to direct the local office of the MNR to reinstate the hatchery program.  CARRIED


14.   Eastholme representative report


a.       Annual General Meeting & 2015 Levy


Annual General Meeting of the municipalities will take place on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 2:00 pm.  Open House and Tour of Eastholme will take place on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm (Mayor Carleton will attend).  Our 2015 levy payable to Eastholme in accordance with the Long Term Care Homes Act has increased 26% from $57,022 in 2014 to $71,774 in 2015.  A municipal delegation will be meeting with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on Feb 24, 2015 requesting increased provincial funding and an annual payment from the Province for the unincorporated townships.


15.   Federation of N ON Municipalities representative report


FONOM provides access to various Ministries and can deliver our asks and concerns all the while reinforcing our position as being part of Northern Ontario.  Reforming the provincial land tax for unincorporated territories was identified to forward to our representative due to our increased OPP and Eastholme costs.  Unincorporated territories do not pay towards these services.


16.   North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit information on website




17.   Township of Gillies resolution calls for an increase in the current exempt flock limit from 300 broiler birds to 4,000 broiler birds (relating to Chicken Farmers of Ontario Exempt Flock)

18.   Huntsville Hospital Rally to take place in front of Town Hall in Huntsville on Mar 21

19.   District of Parry Sound Social Services Admin Bd CHPI funding available; if you are a senior on a fixed income or a low income household, may qualify for your current accommodation

20.   Explorers’ Edge Spring Regional Industry Update Feb 27, 2015; 5 quick courses for tourism operators, stakeholder forum, membership, ride the edge, free inserts, partnerships

21.   Blue Sky Net Tech-Talk Newsletter Feb 2015; new staff, broadband expansion projects, MRDAP (Municipal Record Digitization and Archival Project), Connected North Broadband Portal, Infographics, Beam Program (helps business improve e-commerce and online capabilities), IONN Youth Entrepreneurship Placement Program (youth 18-29)

22.   The Labour Market Group Feb 2015 Labour Focus:  unemployment stats, best jobs for 2014 in Canada, regional employment, tourism report, West Nipissing Job Fair

23.   N Bay Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection Plan receives approval from the Province; Policies now in place to protect municipal drinking water sources in 5 municipalities:  Callander, Mattawa, North Bay, Powassan and South River from significant threats

24.   Inspection of Approved 2015-2016 Annual Work Schedule French-Severn Forest available at beginning Mar 15, 2015 and throughout 1 year duration

25.   MEPCO Update Mar 2, 2015; 2014 OMERS Investment Return Exceeds Benchmark

26.   Public Health Ontario new tool kit resource that identifies land use and development strategies to enhance the rural built environment…

27.    2015 Ontario Farmland Forum; Mar 27, 2015 in Oshawa, this year’s theme:  Pursuing Diverse and Collaborative Approaches to Farmland Protection

28.   Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs draft revised Minimum Distance Separation Formulae 2015 posted for review and input until May 20, 2015

29.   The Department of Canadian Heritage Launches the World War Commemorations Community Fund, year-long funding initiative ends Mar 31, 2016

30.   Federation of N ON Municipalities:  Bill 52 Won’t Protect Real Victims of SLAPP Suits (strategic lawsuit against public participation) in ON, need legislation that protects public participation in a meaningful way, this legislation doesn’t do that

31.   Federation of N ON Municipalities:  Calls on Attorney General to consider proposed Changes to Bill 52, deeply concerned by the types of environmental non-governmental organizations (eNGOs) that are supporting the proposed legislation

32.   Federation of N ON Municipalities:  FONOM meets with the Provincial Cabinet at ROMA/OGRA, brought forward a range of issues; utilization of Crown land for economic development, protecting northern industries, long term plan to four lane across Northern ON, increase the number of residency program positions within the N ON School of Medicine which has been integral to supplying physicians to N ON

33.   Assoc of Municipalities of ON member update:  Municipal leaders from ON’s rural communities gathered today at the 2015 OGRA/ROMA Conference in Toronto; Premier Wynne discusses the possibility of new tax tools, AMO President addresses delegates, Minister’s Forum (21 faced direct questions, responded to 30 questions)

34.   ON Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall; applying a human rights lens in zoning, licensing and municipal decision making

35.   AMO Watchfile Feb 19, 2015:

In This Issue
- Accepting submissions for the 2015 P.J. Marshall Award.
- Government Bill and Private Member Bill introduced, impact municipalities.
- Great Lakes Protection Act reintroduced.
- Nine more stops for AMO's training.
- Asset management plan complete! So now what?
- Are you available Aug 16-19, 2015?
- Stabilize your electricity costs in a rising cost market.
- AMO/OMKN Toolkit guides councillor asset management decisions.
- Town of Ingersoll resolution concerning elimination of home postal delivery.
- Career opportunities with Mississauga, Haliburton County, Grey County & Muskoka Lakes.

36.   AMO  Watchfile Feb 26, 2015:

In This Issue
- Private Member Bill introduced that impacts municipalities.
- Coming up: Meetings Series Workshops.
- Asset Management Symposium full agenda available.
- 8 no-cost sessions to learn how LAS can help you save money.
- Compare data and implement best practices using MIDAS.
- East Ferris resolution concerning road asphalt deterioration rate.
- Career opportunities. 

37.   AMO Watchfile Mar 5, 2015:

In This Issue
- 2015 P.J. Marshall Award - Deadline May 1st.
- Ice Storm 2013: After Action Report.
- Only four locations remain.
- Asset Management Symposium 90% sold out.
- Coming up: Meetings Series Workshops.
- What is land use planning?
- Warm up to stable natural gas prices from LAS.
- Building Ontario's Infrastructure Advantage forum.
- South Stormont resolution requests 1% of HST/GST for municipalities.
- Career opportunities with Port Colborne and York Region.  

38.   AMCTO Legislative Express Mar 3, 2015; Policy Update, Bills and Lawmaking, Regulatory Changes, Policy Spotlight, Resources:  Premier Wynne announced that the government is committed to reforming the provincial land tax for unincorporated territories in 2015,

OCIF announced approval of 78 new projects (3 in Parry Sound District-Armour to complete the replacement of bridge over Magnetawan River, Burks Falls to replace the Yonge St Bridge, Parry Sound to replace water main and upgrade storm water sewer system)

39.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Feb 25, 2015 (Industry News)

40.   AMCTO Municipal Minute Mar 4, 2015 (Industry News)




Business, Retention and Expansion Project


Follow up received on 2 applications pursued through CAEDA to support this initiative:  1 to the Rural Economic Development Program (RED) and 1 to the Local Initiative Contribution (LIC) through NECO.  NECO application has been successful.  The Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce along with assistance from Dave Gray, Community Development Officer in Burks Falls/Armour/Ryerson has developed an RFP to begin the process of hiring a qualified BR&E consultant.  Applications due by Mar 20.


South River Emergency Showers Depot and Potable Water


The Village has been experiencing a high number of frozen water mains as a result of extreme winter conditions.  They have determined that showers at the Arena would be offered to residents where the water service has frozen.  Hours for showering at the Arena will be 7-11 am and 6-9 pm 7 days a week.  Some of the hours are during regular staffing hours.  The Village will pay the cost of additional staffing as well as a portion of the water bill used during this crisis.  Potable water will be available at the Fire Dept during regular staffing hours (8-4) Mon to Fri and noon – 2 pm on Sat and Sun.  The Village will pay the points value for the firemen who work those shifts.


Fire Tanker


Further to discussions at Committee, Council considered a Joint meeting and deemed it not necessary.  Council instructed the Clerk Administrator to advise the Village that our preference is a 7 year lease with a down payment and we’ll match the amount they can contribute.




56-15  McLaren, Scarlett

THAT we give 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final reading to Confirming By-Law and that we adjourn until our Regular meeting scheduled for Mon, Mar 23, 2015 or per Procedural By-Law.  CARRIED





                                                                                                Mayor Lynda Carleton





                                                                                                Clerk Administrator Brenda Paul, AMCT